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Connie’s Career Corner: Rewards as Motivators

January 31, 2014


“Rewards as motivators”

Tip for the day:  A kind word is always well received.

Q:  Dear Connie:  Can you suggest some ways I can let my staff know I appreciate the excellent work they are doing for the company?

A:   A good supervisor knows that it is their responsibility to find out what motivates their staff.  If you learn how each person wants to be rewarded, you will be able to do a better job showing your appreciation and motivating your staff to do their very best work.

Here are some ways to reward your staff:

  • Public recognition
  • Certificates and plaques
  • Verbal praise
  • Movie tickets
  • A written “Thank You”
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Assign new projects

A good way to  find out what each person values as a reward is to ask your staff to write down how they would like for you to show your appreciation when they have exceeded company expectations.  Some employees are excited to be recognized by their peers or management for their accomplishments.  Other employees will welcome new responsibilities as validation of the work.  There are those who want a simple “Thank You” or a written “Thank You.”

Do not make the mistake of rewarding every employee the same way.  If you assign new projects to someone who prizes a written “Thank You” you may find their performance decreases.  They may think, “What good does it do to work hard.  I just get more work assigned to me.”  If you send movie tickets to someone that wants public recognition they may wonder what they have to do to get their work noticed.

You can know how your staff feels about rewards by taking a little time talking and listening to the things that make up each employee’s personality.  Knowing how to motivate your staff will move your career forward and keep your staff happy and appreciated.

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