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Connie’s Career Corner: To Date or Not to Date

June 14, 2013


“To Date or Not to Date”

Tip for the day: Past performance is the best indicator of future performance.
Q: Dear Connie: I work with a guy that I would be interested in dating. What is your opinion of dating someone at work?
A: Dear Dater: The decision to date a co-worker is a personal one, but you do need to be aware of some issues that may arise from doing so. Dating relationships in the workplace can lead to some very sticky situations. Many people argue, however, that work is where they spend most of their time so the workplace may be the only place where they can meet other single adults.
You need to first look at your employee handbook to see if your company even allows employees to date one another. Many companies will not allow these types of relationships at all. Some companies may allow employees to date, but only if they work in different areas or departments of the company. Know what your company’s policy is before you decide to move forward.
You did not mention what type of working relationship you have with this individual. Are you his supervisor at work? Is he your supervisor? Dating someone who is your subordinate can open another “can of worms” altogether. There have been many cases where someone has been sued for sexual harassment after ending a relationship with a subordinate at work. Sexual harassment can be difficult to prove under these circumstances, but it is not impossible. Also, if you try to pursue a relationship with a co-worker who is not interested in dating you, you may also be accused of harassment.
One other thing to consider is what will happen if you date this person and then break up. Will you see this person everyday? Do you have to work in close proximity with this person? Many relationships do not last, and you do need to consider the aftermath if you do break-up. You do not want your boss to have to choose between you and your co-worker because you may end up on the losing end.
On a brighter note, there are many “happily ever after” stories from people who met their spouse or significant other at work. If you do decide to pursue this relationship further, proceed with caution and be discreet. Be aware that this relationship may make your co-workers uncomfortable so act professionally at work.
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CONNIE’S CAREER CORNER: Career-oriented vs. Job-oriented

May 28, 2013

Tip for the day:  Your actions are a reflection of your character.

Dear Connie:  What makes someone career-oriented as opposed to job-oriented?

Dear Future-focused:  The American Heritage College Dictionary defines a job as “A regular activity performed in exchange for payment, esp. as one’s trade, occupation, or profession.”  The definition for a career is “A chosen pursuit; a profession or occupation.  The general course or progression of one’s working life.”

Some people will go to work in a job and will be content to stay in their initial position all of their working life.  There are jobs that do not lead to promotions.  The employee will need to gain additional skills or move to a different company to be promoted.

Some people do not want to “climb the ladder” in business.  They may not want the additional stress or responsibility that could come from moving up to the next position.  Many times people who stay in one job for their entire working career will make more income than someone who has a more “prestigious” position.  If they work hard, are dependable and efficient, their yearly raises can enable them to accumulate an income larger than their education or experience would afford them in a different work area.

Career-oriented people have a goal that involves constantly learning new skills in addition to being dependable and efficient.  They will focus on making each job an opportunity to develop skills leading to their next position or assignment.

Career-oriented employees have worked through the entry level jobs and know they can always learn a new skill to help them move up the career ladder.  A person has to gain experience in the area they wish to excel in.  There are some well paid employees who started out working at a fast food restaurant and moved into the “Manager Trainee” program.

Lastly, each person measures the success of their career differently.  Some career-oriented people measure their success by their income, while others measure their success by the number of people they are able to help.  Many people who work in the non-profit area or government may make quite a bit less than if they used their skills in the public workplace but feel successful because they measure their success by the impact they have on others.

People with careers are problem solvers.  In fact, career employees usually look at problems as opportunities.  A career-oriented person would probably develop a plan and start working their way through each barrier, never allowing themselves to be stagnant or to give up on their dream.

You can start now to practice the characteristics that a career person usually possesses and move from a “job” to a “career.”

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SMX Job Fair August 28-31

August 27, 2012

See link below for more info.


Wilson County Job Fair!

June 26, 2012

The Tennessee Career Center at Lebanon and Wilson County Mayor’s Office are hosting the Wilson County Job Fair. The event will be held on Thursday, June 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Winfree Bryant Middle School, 1213 Leeville Pike, Lebanon. Attendees are encouraged to dress for success and to bring copies of their resume. For more information please contact Ron Hammontree at (615) 741-8892.

Here is a list of employers that will be attending the job fair (subject to change without notice):

  • MetoKote
  • American General Life & Accident Insurance Co.
  • TADD Wholesale Supply
  • Orchid International
  • Abacus Staffing
  • US Marine Corps
  • Genesco LDC
  • US Air Force
  • Superior Driver Source
  • R E West
  • Rue21
  • Yates at Nissan
  • Steves & Sons, Inc.
  • Wilsom County Transportation Dept.
  • L & W Engineering
  • Sharp Transit
  • TN Army Nat’l Guard
  • Home Instead Senior Care
  • TRW Automotive
  • Best Drivers
  • Elwood Staffing
  • LifeWay Christian Resource
  • OHL

Job Fair for Saks Fifth Avenue TODAY till 3:30p.m.

May 7, 2012

Job Fair Happening in Murfreesboro and Nashville

Click below for more information

Saks_release updated


Job Fair May 5th and 6th

May 3, 2012

5 – 6 May (Hilton Garden Inn, Clarksville, TN) AECOM Government Services provides full spectrum maintenance and logistical services in support of the Department of Defense global contingency and sustainment operations. Current missions in Afghanistan are experiencing significant growth and we are currently seeking experienced candidates for the below listed positions.

Our Recruiters will be hosting a Hiring Event on the 5 – 6 May at the Hilton Garden Inn, 290 Alfred Thun Road, Clarksville, KY 37040. We will be interviewing candidates for the positions listed below between the hours of 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily for both days. Please bring updated resume, DD 214 if military, passport and other documents if available for Recruiter review. We will be making offers on site.
Interested candidates with experience/education in the following areas are highly encouraged to visit the event:
*Aircraft Mech (UH60/64/47/58) Movement Control Transportation Coordinator Small Arms Repair Howitzer Repair Communications Elec Repair CCTV Operators RTCH/Heavy Drivers Fire Control Repair Heavy Equipment Mechanic Logistics Analyst RPAT Operations SAMS-E Welder (AWS preferred) Wheel Tech Inspector Safety Coordinator Property Specialist Security Lead System Administrator Quality Control Specialist Senior Mechanics Maintenance Managers Power Generator Mech Logistics Manager RPAT Lead Retrograde Specialist

*(Aircraft positions include MS/ME/MEA/MW/IN/NDT)

All position will require a completed NACI or Security Clearance prior to deployment. Candidates selected will process through deployment center and must meet all prescribed medical/dental and background investigations.

For additional information or to get additional information requirements visit AECOM at

Job Fair next Tuesday and Wednesday

May 3, 2012

Springfield Career Solutions

2008 Memorial Blvd., Suite B
Springfield, TN 37172

Tuesday, May 8
Wednesday, May 9

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with:
KrownKleen, Personnel Placements, All-Star Personnel, Randstad, and Staffmark

Bring your resume, photo ID, and Social Security card or birth certificate. Dress for success. Be prepared to complete job applications.

For more information contact:
Career Counselor AJ Geary
Phone: 615-384-7867