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Connie’s Career Corner: Three Styles of Resumes

July 31, 2013



Tip for the day:  An application is what an employer wants to ask you and a resume is what you want to tell an employer.

Q:  Dear Connie:  I have heard there are several styles of resumes.  Which style is the best to use?

A:  Dear Putting Your Skills on Paper:  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  This is especially true when you are trying to impress an employer with your resume.  Employers report that they look at your resume an average of 12 seconds.  It is so important to make the most of those 12 seconds by choosing the style of resume that best showcases your skills and abilities.

There are basically three different styles of business resumes: the chronological resume, the functional resume and the combination resume. 

The most commonly used style of resume is the chronological resume.  This style of resume lists your work experience starting with your most recent position and working backward.  A chronological resume is a good style for a person with a strong work history.  Many employers prefer this style of resume because it is laid out in a logical manner and is easy to read.

The second style of resume is the functional resume.  The functional resume focuses on your skills and abilities without regard to when, where or how you acquired them.  A person with limited work experience or who has gaps in their work history may choose to use a functional resume.

The third style is the combination resume.  In this style you combine the best features of the chronological and the functional resume.  Your most relevant skills and accomplishment are listed at the top of the resume followed by your work history.  It is important in this style to not sound repetitive.  Many job seekers prefer this style because it begins with a summary of relevant information that shows what they have to offer as a prospective employee.

There are pros and cons to each style of resume so choose the style that best displays your skills, education and experience. Resumes are designed to get you an interview, so be sure that yours is concise and clearly written.

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