Connie’s Career Corner: Work is Draining my Energy


“Work is draining my energy.”


Tip for the day:  Invest some time in yourself, you are worth the investment.

Q:  Dear Connie: I am so busy at work that I do not seem to have time for my family or myself.  Does everyone live this way?

A:   Dear Busy as a Bee:  Many people do feel the way that you feel.  The job they do on a daily basis becomes so intense that it takes over their life.  There are valid reasons for getting into this pattern with ones work.  There is the drive to succeed that motivates a person to want to not only do a good job but an outstanding job.  There is the fear that if ones performance is not excellent, they will not get the promotion they desire.  There is the fear that if the company is looking to cut employees, they will cut the people who are not producing and you do not want to be seen as “one of those people.”

While having a strong work ethic is highly valued by employers, having a work-life balance is important to you and your wellbeing.  You do not want to accomplish everything possible at your place of employment at the expense of losing your relationship with your family and friends.

We all feel like we do not have enough time to do the things that we want to do in life.  Yet, truth is we have to make time for the things we want to do.  If a person needs to mow his lawn, he may say, “I am too tired to do that today.”  If the person receives a phone call from a friend who offers him a free ticket to the Titans game, he will probably say, “What time do we leave?”

Now is a good time for you to stop and evaluate what is important to you.  Make a list of the things you really value.  Schedule some time for your family and for the things that bring you happiness.  You need to also save some time for yourself.  You are worth the investment.  Do not skip your vacations or work too many hours because you will drain your energy and will actually be less productive at your job.  Activities outside of work renew your energy and your spirit.

Work toward having a work-life balance and you and your loved ones will be happier and healthier.  Even your employer will benefit from your new approach to life.


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