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Career Connections guest speaker for Tuesday, August 28th in Murfreesboro

August 27, 2012

Join US at The Tennessee Career Center at Murfreesboro for JOBS Employers are HERE looking for Qualified CandidatesThey are HOPING to MEET YOU! Don’t MISS OUT on the MANY Opportunities to Find Your Next Career NOW! Start THIS WEEK   at NCAC’s  Career Connection In today’s job market, your best option for finding employment is through Networking! Learn how, and get a chance to practice, on Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m.  Connect with local employers, and Career Professionals, get their advice on how to find employment, gain knowledge on industry trends, and learn about current job opportunities

Registration, Coffee, &  Networking begin @ 9:00 Presentation begins at 9:30.


August 28, 2012

Danielle Underwood– Staffmark 

“The Role YOU Play in Your Success”

Connie’s Career Corner – “I Want to be Noticed!”

August 27, 2012


“I want to be noticed!”


Tip for the day: A résumé without an objective is like a book without a title.


Q:  Dear Connie: I have been job searching for a while, but I have had very few interviews.  I want my résumé to grab the attention of the recruiters so I have been thinking about ways to do that.  I thought it might be a good idea to put my resume on some fun paper (like hot pink!) and draw some pictures in the margins.  What do you think?


A:  Dear Pink Lady:  Have you ever heard the phrase “less is more?”  This is a good rule of thumb to use when creating a résumé. You do want your résumé to get noticed, but you want it to be noticed for the right reasons. Recruiters will notice a hot pink résumé with flowers in the margin, but most recruiters do not want to interview the person who sent it.  Most recruiters will consider this type of résumé to be unprofessional.


It would appear that your résumé needs to be fired.  The job of the résumé is to get you an interview. You need to find out why your résumé is not working. Evaluate your résumé to see if the skills and qualifications listed are truly a match for the jobs for which you are applying.  Evaluate the format of your résumé to see if you are using the best type of résumé for your skill set and work history. Have someone proofread your résumé to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Also make sure you are highlighting your strengths.


The best way to attract attention from a recruiter is to have a résumé that is clear and concise and that shows them on paper why you are the best person for the job. Recruiters often receive a large volume of résumés so they do not have the time to review in depth each one.  Design your résumé so that your strengths and qualifications jump off the page when someone is viewing it.  This will do far more to attract attention than anything else.


For additional help, you can visit the Career Center and attend the “Helpful Hints for Résumé Writing” workshop.  Have others read your resume and tell you what the resume says to them about your qualifications.  A NCAC coach can critique your resume and give you feedback on ways to improve your chances of getting an interview as a result of having an outstanding resume.


Getting noticed is your goal but you want to be noticed for all of the right reasons.


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Wilson County Employer Forum Tuesday, August 28th

August 27, 2012

NCAC offers a series of networking meetings known as Career Connections which provide insight and knowledge about the world of work from career and job search experts in the community. Below is a list of the upcoming Career Connections at the agency’s locations:

Wilson County Forum

August 28th at 10:00 AM

Current Trends in High-Demand Job Sectors
Healthcare, Information Technology and Transportation/Logistics

Special Guest Panelists:
Debbie Brown, Chief Nursing Officer, Trousdale County Medical Center
Jeri Stanford, Office Manager, Systems Integration
Carrie Meador, Director, Transportation Training Center

Event topics and speakers are subject to change.

Tomorrow at Career Connections at the Workforce Campus

August 27, 2012

“Intrepreneurship on the Internet” Presented by LaCheka Phillips, Marketing and Branding
Join us for an interesting presentation about how to develop your own business on the internet, FREE! LaCheka Phillips has been teaching entrepreneurs how to develop their own internet businesses for the past 10 years. Ms. Phillips also provides business start-up, development and management services with an emphasis in branding, marketing (traditional and online), social media, graphic design and professional training for area businesses. Her track record for producing BIG results for small businesses and entrepreneurs speaks for itself and she is one of the few people in the Nashville area teaching internet entrepreneurship. Come early and get a good seat.

Career Connection Tuesday, Aug. 28th 9:30am
NCAC Workforce Campus
621 Mainstream Drive
Coffee and Networking start
at 9:00am

SMX Job Fair August 28-31

August 27, 2012

See link below for more info.


Connie’s Career Corner – Tip for the day: Variety is the spice of life

August 20, 2012



“Life needs a little variety and so does the workplace.”


Tip for the day: Variety is the spice of life.


Q:  Dear Connie:  I will soon need to hire a new person to join our team.  Everyone on my team gets along and works the same way.  Do you have any suggestions as to the type of candidate I should be looking to hire?


A:  Dear One of a Kind:  Go for some variety.  As you are interviewing, seek out someone who is not a mirror image of yourself or your team members.


Successful leaders know that you need people who possess different skills and different personalities in order to build a strong team.  We usually are drawn to people who act and think just like we do because we are the most comfortable with people like ourselves.  But another person with a similar personality may not be the best choice when building a team.


Think about the last large function you attended.  Who did you spend the most time with?  Was it someone who talked like you, moved at your rate of speed, and shared your ideas?  We know what to expect from people who are similar to ourselves and this creates an automatic comfort level.


So, why would I suggest you try to find someone who is not like you to hire?  If all of the ice cream in the world was vanilla there would be so many pleasures missed.  We all know chocolate, strawberry, and ripple are varieties that add to our ice cream choices.  By adding someone who works and thinks differently than your team members, you will be adding flavor to your team.  This will provide new ideas and new ways to expand your projects.  Some of these ideas the team will want to adopt and some they will not; but the expansion of ideas will make your team even stronger than it is now.


People have different work styles.  Some people want to jump right into a project while others want all of the facts to study before beginning a project.  Some people look at a situation and automatically lay out the project step-by-step, whiles others see the end product.


One of the smartest leaders that I have observed surrounded himself with people who had different skills and talents than himself.  By doing so, he collectively had an enormous knowledge and experience base which took the organization he was leading much farther than he could have moved the company forward by himself.


So, hire someone different from yourself and all of the team will win.


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IT Forum This Thursday (8-16-12)

August 15, 2012

Information Technology Forum


Thursday. August 16th at 1pm


Join our Panel of experts from:

Zycron, Alltech, Plumlee & Associates and Synditglobal


NCAC Workforce Campus

621 Mainstream Drive, Suite 210

Nashville, TN


Registration and Networking, start at 12:30PM

Call 615-862-8890 for more information