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New Opportunities in Mt. Juliet

January 31, 2012

This month the Lebanon Career Center received a visit from special guest, Mark Hinesley, President of the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hinesley spoke one Tuesday morning during a Career Connection class. He discusses new opportunities and growing businesses in Mt. Juliet. “I want a robust economy,” Mr. Hinesley said when speaking about growth in Mt. Juliet. He mentioned several business that are possibly on their way to Mt. Juliet: Academy Sports, Long Horn Steak House, American Family Care, Jonathan’s Grill, White Castle, Bar-B-Cutie, Auto Body America and two new medical offices. YMCA is also trying to break ground this spring. Things are changing in Mt. Juliet, it is growing every day. The providence area is especially growing and has been ever since its opening.

Mr. Hinesley also shared information about how to use to the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce to help your job search. “Think of the chamber as a resource,” Mr. Hinesley said, “We don’t make anything or sell anything, we just connect the dots.” The chamber can be used to help you as a job seeker to find out who you need to get in contact with. Their website is also a wealth of knowledge. It has any information you would want to know about Mt. Juliet and it’s businesses. Within their website you will find a link to the Joint Economic & Community Development Board of Wilson County (JECDB). This is another great resource to learn more about employers in Wilson County. Mr. Hinesley encourages job seekers to call the chamber with any questions you may have about businesses in Mt. Juliet.

Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce

46 West Caldwell Street Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
(615)758-3478 (p) – (615)754-8595 (f)

References may seal the deal

January 23, 2012


“References may seal the deal”

Tip for the day:  You can not build a good work reputation in one day so, be consistent.

Q:  Dear Connie:  Do companies really call references?

A:    Yes, companies do really call your references.  Your references can make the difference between being offered a job and no longer being considered for the job.  You want references that are able to give a positive review of your work skills.

One job seeker interviewed with four different people at a prospective company.  As she finished her interview with the Vice President of the company, she was told they would be extending an offer by Friday if all of her references checked out.  Most companies will not hire a person for a position until references have been checked regardless of how many people at the company have successfully interviewed them.  So, you will want to pay close attention to who you list on your reference page.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your references list.

  • Always ask permission to list a person as a reference before adding them to your list
  • List between three to five references
  • References need to be people who can confirm your work
  • The typed reference list should be on a piece of paper separate from your resume
  • List name, title and daytime contact information for each reference
  • Give a copy of your resume to each person you are using as a reference
  • Let your reference know when you secure a position and thank them for their support

You are in complete control regarding who you list as a reference.  Never use a former boss who disliked you as a reference.  Find another person in a management position who will say good things about you.  If you do not have previous bosses who liked your work, start today to develop positive references by becoming a better employee in your current position.

Not all references need to be former bosses.  Think of other people you have worked with that can share how skilled you are in different areas.  Professional organizations provide great opportunities for working on projects with others in your field of work.  One of these acquaintances may be an excellent reference.  If you held an office in an organization, the organization’s president may be another person to consider asking to be a reference.

Do not overlook the importance of choosing good references.  You do not want to lose out on a great position because of a negative reference.  A little extra time spent choosing good references may pay off with the perfect position for you.

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This week at NCAC

January 23, 2012

Upcoming Career Connections

NCAC offers a series of networking meetings known as Career Connections which provide insight and knowledge about the world of work from career and job search experts in the community. Below is a list of the upcoming Career Connections at the agency’s locations:

Workforce Campus

January 24 (9:30-11 a.m.)

Diane Sanders from All Tech


January 24 (9:30-11 a.m.)

Kate Kiefling from Goodwill


January 24 (10-11 a.m.)

Matt LaBlanc

Automated Data Processing

Upcoming Workshops

NCAC provides workshops for job seekers to give them the ability to develop a plan of action. Each location offers unique workshops tailored to its customers’ needs.

Workforce Campus

Enrichment Thursday: Resume Workshops and reviews

10:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Resume writing and critiquing. Learn the qualities of a winning resume. Have your resume critiqued by a career coach.

Metro Center

Interviewing & Dressing for success workshop

10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Learn what to do before, during and after the interview

Nashville South

Network Nashville

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Join us for this networking event with employers and other job seekers.

Veteran’s Resume Writing Bootcamp

NCAC partners with the TN Career Centers to host resume writing workshops for post military job seekers.

January 26(10:00 a.m.)

Rutherford location

Nashville South location

Wilson location

January 27(10:00 a.m.)

Metro Center location

Please see front desk to register

All events/speakers are subject to change

Call (615) 862-8890 for more information


Non-Profit/Government Forum this Thursday!

January 18, 2012


Join us for a Non-Profit/Government Forum

NCAC is hosting an employer forum, Thursday, January 19th at the Workforce Campus (621 Mainstream Drive, Suite 210, Nashville, TN 37228)

Come meet local non-profit and government professionals and hear what they have to say about hiring trends, how to get noticed in the crowd, and what exactly they are looking for in an employee. No matter what area of work you are looking for this will be a forum for everyone. This will be an open forum, so come prepared with questions. And don’t forget to dress to impress.

Networking and refreshments begins at 12:30 p.m. and the forum will start promptly at 1:00 p.m. Get here early to get a seat!

Join our panel of experts from:

    • Hands on Nashville
    • State of Tennessee
    • Metro Government
    • Goodwill
    • Tennessee College Access and Success Network 

All employers are subject to change

Call  615-862-8890 for more information.


My Job is Leaving the Country, What now?

January 13, 2012



 My company is moving out of the county.  Now What?


Dear Connie:  My company is moving jobs to Mexico and downsizing in the United States.  I know I am going to lose my job.  I have not been officially told when I will lose my job, but it will probably be within the next six months.  I do not want to quit, but what can I do now to prepare for this loss?

Dear My Job is leaving the Country: This is the perfect time to start preparing for your future job change.  You can accomplish a lot of the preliminary work and be ready to move quickly with your job search when you receive notice of your last day of employment with your present company.

It is very difficult for many people to leave a job they enjoy.  We like for the changes we make in life to be the results of our own choices.  If you were leaving your present position to accept a better job, you would probably be very happy.  When we have to make a job change that is a result of someone else’s decision, it can cause us to feel angry, sad or lose our self-confidence.  These feelings are normal parts of the grieving process resulting from your upcoming loss.

Choose positive ways to deal with these feelings.  You might want to write in a journal about what is happening to you or try daily exercise.  Many people find exercise relieves tension, so consider playing basketball, walking, jogging or a game of tennis.  By dealing with your feelings in a positive way, you are less likely to misdirect your anger towards those you love.

Concentrate on the things that you can control, and you will feel much better.  Start your transition by letting friends and family know your intentions.  Let your network of  acquaintances know that you expect to be back in the job market and explain what type of job you are looking to find.  You now have multiplied greatly the number of people who are keeping their ears open for a position that may fit your needs.

It is very important that you NOT let your anger or disappointment rule logic during these last days of work at your present position. Try to find out if you will receive a severance package.  In your case, you will probably be able to draw unemployment, which provides you with a small income to assist you while job searching.  If you quit your job, it is not very likely that you will be able to receive unemployment benefits.  Perform your job to the best of your ability until the very last day you are employed.  You will want your co-workers and supervisor to tell prospective employers what a great asset you will be to their company.

Now is the time to plan your backup budget.  Consider how much income you will have and how your expenses can be adjusted. You want to have a plan so you do not damage your credit or lose your assets.  This is a good time to agree with your family on exactly how much you are willing to put on a credit card.  You do not want to deal with financial crisis from misuse of credit when you start your new position.

Now that your personal affairs are in order, it is time to do some job market research and prepare a resume to sell your skills.

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This weeks Career Connections

January 10, 2012

Career Connections

NCAC offers a series of networking meetings known as Career Connections which provide insight and knowledge about the world of work from career and job search experts in the community. Below is a list of the upcoming Career Connections at the agency’s locations:

Davidson County

January 10, 2012

Learn tips about how to find that job for the new year. Join us today and kick-start your job search with a special presentation by Rachel Campbell, Human Resource Manager at Malham Leverage Group. This is a great opportunity for anyone job searching, whether you’ve decided to switch careers and get back out there or if you’re job searching in general. This is a do not miss session. Coffee and networking begin at 9:00 a.m.

Call (615)862-8890 for more information.

Rutherford County

January 10, 2012

This is a special Career Connection today at the Rutherford location. Our very own NCAC Career Coaches will be presenting “12 Things to do to find employment in 2012.” Whether you have just begun your job search or you have been searching for a while this is a session you want to attend. Our career coaches are a great resource to have when it comes to job searching. Coffee and networking begin at 9:00 a.m.

Call (615) 898-8081 for more information.

Wilson/Trousdale Counties

January 10, 2012

Today’s Career Connection will feature Mr. Dominic Cespino, Human Resources Manager at L&W Engineering. Mr. Cespino will present a special presentation about Job Market Strategies. This is a great session to attend to get some advice and job searching tips that will help lead you in the right direction. Begins at 10:00 a.m. and please dress to impress.

Call (615) 444-9355 for more information

Event topics and speakers are subject to change.

Visit for more information and to view our full calendar.

Set your goals for the coming year

January 4, 2012



“Set your career goals for the coming year”


Tip for the day:  Keep your eyes on the goal and stay focused.

Q:  Dear Connie:  Is it really important to set goals for my career?

A:    Few people actually take the time to plan where they want their career to go.  Even fewer will write these goals down on paper.  As you think about the different areas in your life that you would like to improve in the upcoming year, do not forget to plan for your work future.

Those who set goals are more likely to:

  • Achieve      more
  • Improve      performance
  • Increase      motivation to achieve
  • Improve      self-confidence
  • Eliminate      negative attitudes and thoughts

Since only about 3% of the population actually writes down their career goals, you will be ahead when you create a plan of action for your future.  Statistics show that you are three times more likely to achieve your goals if you write your goals down.  One reason for the increase in achievement may be that you now have taken the time to think through your career and focus in on what you need to do in order to get where you want to go.

Goal setting is developing a long term plan for your career while being motivated in the short term.  Do not be afraid to write down a goal because you think you will fail if the goal is not reached.  Goals can be changed.  If circumstances change, so can your goals.

Now that you see the benefits of goal setting, let me give you a few tips to make this process easy.  When writing down your goal, be sure that your goal is specific and measurable.  When you evaluate your progress you will be able to determine just how much you have accomplished.

Also, you will want your goal to be reasonable.  If you are 50 years old and you write a goal to be an FBI agent you are not being reasonable because you must be 35 or younger to be trained as an agent.  Consider adjusting your goal and working for the FBI in some other capacity.

Finally, set a date when you want to accomplish this goal.  If you get a bill and there is no due date on the bill, will you be in a hurry to pay the bill?  You need to set a date to complete your goal so you have a target to shoot for.  This will help prevent procrastination and motivate you to plan the steps needed to accomplish your goal.

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