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Making Assumptions Can Lead to Misdirection of Your Future

June 13, 2011


“Making assumptions can lead to misdirection of your future.”

Tip for the day:  “Replace the words “I can’t” with “How can I?”

Q:  Dear Connie:    I would really like a job working with children, but I do not see how I can accomplish this goal.  First, you have to be pretty smart and you have to have a degree.  By the time I could finish school I would be too old to teach.  Schools and daycares really want younger people to work with children.  Besides, I’ve never really done this type of work.  I probably could not even do it.  Maybe I should look into some other type of career.

A:   Dear Assumption: You need to base your job search decisions on facts, not assumptions.  You have made at least seven assumptions in your question alone.  Decisions need to be based on facts or you can make some costly career moves.

Webster defines assumption as, “an assuming that something is true….a fact or statement (as a proposition, axiom, postulate, or notion) taken for granted” (without facts).  We have many reasons we tell ourselves we can not work in a particular profession we find interesting, but often our assumptions are not true. 

I remember wishing I could be a college math professor during my first year of college.  I never pursued that career direction because I was sure I could not receive the advanced education that being a professor would require.  I made this assumption because I was the very first person from my family to attend college.  Therefore, I assumed that professors must be much smarter than me.  I know now that was a false assumption.

It sounds like you have talked yourself out of working with children when there are many opportunities that might fit your job skills.  You might want to start as an assistant in a daycare or an afternoon program.  Check out or  for on-line information about teaching careers. You are never too old to pursue a degree. BelmontUniversity had a graduate who was 70 years old at the time she finished her degree.  Many schools believe that mature workers are the best workers they have in their school system.

What you may be needing most to pursue this career direction is confidence in yourself.  Now is the time to believe in yourself.  If you do not believe in yourself and your abilities, who will?  Most people I meet that are job searching are capable of achieving twice what they think they can accomplish.

Remember, an assumption is a conclusion we draw from bits of data or feelings.  An assumption is really no more than a guess.  So, proceed with confidence in yourself and your abilities and get the facts.

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