“Do your groundwork”

Tip for the day: When I read a good resume, I never wonder how long it took the person to write it.  Spend as long as you need to make your resume outstanding.

Q:  I have been working very hard to get a job.  I still have not found a job.  What else can I do to find employment?

A: You may need to work smarter, not harder to find employment.  Often we think because we are staying busy, we are working hard to accomplish a goal.  The truth is job searching techniques change over time.  You may be job searching using outdated methods.

Use the right tools for your job search, such as:

  • a good resume
  • solid training and preparation
  • the proper uniform for the job
  • the right attitude for the job
  • good telephone techniques
  • good job-search etiquette
  • the right interpersonal techniques

Start by building your network of acquaintances.  People are more comfortable hiring a person recommended by someone they know.  When you start a new job you are not the only one that has to make adjustments.  The employees that you will be working with also have to adjust to you and your work style.  Hiring managers know that if someone they trust recommends you there is a greater chance of you blending in and being a positive addition to their work unit.

It is important for you to know who you are and what you have accomplished in your work life.  If you do not know how to express this to a prospective employer, it will make it difficult for you to tell him how valuable you will be to the company.  Try writing your accomplishments down on paper (use your resume as a guide.)  Then practice explaining your accomplishments to a friend until you can deliver the information in a smooth, conversational manner.

If you are not job searching at the present time, you probably will be in the future.  On the average, most workers change jobs every three years.  So, while you are happily employed, go ahead and do the work to get your skills up to speed and keep your resume current.  Then, if you do need to search for a new position you will not have to do the groundwork during a time of stress.

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