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Tennessee Highway Patrol Offering Jobs – | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

August 30, 2010

Tennessee Highway Patrol Offering Jobs

Posted: Aug 29, 2010 9:53 PM CDT

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- The Tennessee Highway Patrol is hiring. They’re taking applications for a new Trooper Cadet Class for next spring.

Anyone who is interested in must apply before September 17th. You must be 21 a US citizen and have a high school diploma or an equivalent.

Background checks will be performed on those who apply.  Click here for a look at the applicatio

via Tennessee Highway Patrol Offering Jobs – | Nashville News, Weather & Sports.

The Grand Ole Opry is Hiring…

August 26, 2010


The Grand Ole OPRY is hiring for…..
  • Part-Time and On-Call Concessions Hosts/Hostesses
  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Facility Host/Hostesses
Qualified candidates must have previous customer service experience and reliable transportation. A high school diploma is preferred but not required.
*These positions offer daytime and/or evening hours – including weekend and holidays.*
Concessions Host/Hostesses – Pay: $7.50
  • Greet customers, prepare food, tender sales, inventory items, and maintain cleanliness. Tuesday, Friday, Saturday evenings as well as seasonal shows as needed. This is an on-call position, offering up to 20 hours a week based on event needs.
Facility Host/Hostesses – $7.25
  • Greet and seat customers, crowd control, distribute event programs, and maintain cleanliness. This is a regular part-time position, requiring flexible scheduling based on event needs.
Parking Lot Attendant – $7.50
  • Greet customers, direct traffic, crowd control, work primarily outside, and maintain cleanliness. This is an indefinitely, temporary, on-call position, offering up to 20 hours a week with both day and night shifts based on event needs.
For more information, please apply online at
Gaylord will be hosting an Invitation-Only Job Fair – August 30-31st


Career Connections

August 25, 2010

Carolyn Hill from Randstad speaking at a Career Connections meeting at the Workforce Campus in Davidson County August 24.

For a Career Connections meeting near you, visit NCAC’s calendars page on our website.

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Earn $30 or More an Hour with These Two-Year Degrees

August 23, 2010

Yahoo! HotJobs – Earn $30 or More an Hour with These Two-Year Degrees.

Connie’s Corner – “Resume writing for retirees”

August 20, 2010

Tip for the day: It is never too late for a new beginning.

Dear Connie:  I am a senior citizen.  We live on social security which is not enough to get us through the month and we are using up all our savings.  I need to go back to work and would appreciate any help you can give me on how to write my resume.

Dear Ms. Retired: Many senior citizens find themselves in the same situation you have found yourself in regarding lack of income for retirement.  Deciding to return to the job market will provide you with additional income and may even provide you with added satisfaction. You may want to check out the Social Security Income website or contact Benefits to Work 1-866-992-4568 for information regarding how additional income will affect your social security benefits.

Before you write your resume decide whether you want a full-time position or a part-time position.  Many retirees prefer to work part-time so they can enjoy their free time.   Then decide how you want to use all of the accumulated experience from your years in the job market.  Do you want to go back into the same type of position you had or do you want to look for something that is low stress with less responsibility?  Knowing the answer to this question is important because you want your resume to spotlight your skills and accomplishments in the area that you want to find employment.

Here are a few suggestions to help you avoid some common mistakes when putting together your resume. Always have your name and contact information at the top of the resume.  You can have a great resume but if the employer can not contact you for an interview you will lose out on getting the job.  Be sure that your e-mail address is appropriate.  You want the employer to know you are serious about gaining employment.

You will want to put your most important information in the top portion of your resume.  Most employers will not spend more that 12 seconds on the first read through of your resume.  You want to be sure that what they read is the most important information to gain you an interview.

Be concise when writing your resume.  The employer does not want to feel like he is reading a manuscript.  Write your resume in business form and not in narrative form-use bullets not paragraphs.  You do not need to go back more than 10 years in your resume to spotlight your skills and experience.

Know what position you want to apply for and make your resume focused toward that position.  Remember, it is not an employer’s job to guess what position you want to apply for.

Finally, always get someone else to proof your resume.  It is difficult for anyone to proof their own work.

Resumes have changed in the past 10 years.  There are classes that you can attend to learn what is currently in style as it relates to writing resumes.  Check the Career Center’s website to find a time for a Resume Workshop that you can attend.

HealthSpring plans major expansion, hiring spree

August 20, 2010

Medicare Advantage provider plans $53 million in MetroCenter projects

By Erin Lawley – Nashville City Paper

HealthSpring is planning a multimillion dollar expansion and hiring spree in MetroCenter.

The Medicare Advantage plan provider is working with Nashville’s Southeast Venture on a two-phase project to construct a new campus on 11.7 acres on Great Circle Road. There, it will consolidate some local operations and hire more than 300 new workers.

Plans call for the company to invest $16 million to build a 101,510-square-foot building, between $12 million and $14 million on a 68,496-square-foot building, and $23 million on personal property, machinery and equipment, according to an ordinance set to go before the Metro Council tomorrow.

“The new space is designed specifically for HealthSpring, which will improve our ability to serve our current and future Medicare members and allow us to continue to expand our operations within Middle Tennessee,” said HealthSpring EVP Shawn Morris in a statement.

“The new building will also allow us to consolidate our operations in a financially responsible way, which is especially important in the current economic environment,” he said.

When complete, HealthSpring will move employees from two of the three buildings it currently occupies in MetroCenter to the new space at 530 Great Circle Road, which overlooks Amulet Lake.

Beyond consolidation, the construction will provide the company with space for expansion. HealthSpring plans to hire 315 new workers over the next few years, according to a source familiar with the project. HealthSpring declined to discuss details of its plans, given the project’s early stage and pending approvals.

Because of the magnitude of the investment, the ordinance before Metro Council’s Industrial Development Board seeks a payment-in-lieu-of-tax agreement between Metro and HealthSpring and/or Southeast. The proposal, available at this link, calls for forgiving real and personal property tax on the project for several years, followed by a few years of reduced tax rates.

The expansion plans come just weeks after HealthSpring (Ticker: HS) reported better-than-anticipated second quarter earnings and raised its revenue outlook for the full year to $2.95 billion to $3 billion.

As a Medicare plan provider, however, the company will soon be required under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to meet new standards for how it spends that revenue — a regulatory hurdle that will push companies like HealthSpring to operate more efficiently.

Starting in 2014, Medicare Advantage plan providers will be required to have a medical loss ratio — the measurement of the amount of premium dollars spent on health plan members’ medical care — of 85 percent. The company’s second-quarter MLR was 80 percent, meaning 20 percent of its premium revenue went to cover other costs or contributed to profits.

Gaylord’s rehiring of 1,700 workers begins Sunday

August 19, 2010

Nashville Business Journal

Gaylord Entertainment Co. announced more details about its rehiring efforts, mentioned in this story yesterday. The company laid off more than 1,700 workers while its Nashville properties were closed due to flooding. It expects about 80 percent of workers to return to their jobs, and the weeklong rehiring event will begin Sunday at the Radisson Opryland Hotel. The rest will be opened up to the public.

Here are excerpts from a company news release:

“It was heartbreaking when it became clear that the amount of damage to the hotel and the length of the restoration process would require us to release a large number of our STARS,” said Pete Weien, senior vice president and general manager of Gaylord Opryland. “We are excited to welcome back our former STARS as we prepare for our grand reopening on November 15.”

The former STARS were invited by phone and e-mail to take part in the Grand Rehiring Event, where they will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with department leaders and discuss the upcoming schedule for training and reorientation. STARS were assigned a specific day to attend based on the department where they were previously employed. …

STARS who choose to rejoin the organization will begin the company’s new training program in mid-October before starting work at the hotel preparing for the grand reopening. …

Gaylord has continued to provide healthcare benefits to all of its released STARS since the official end of their previous employment on June 12 and will continue to do so until the end of September. …

Once the Grand Rehiring Event is complete, Gaylord will be able to assess how many jobs at the hotel are still available and open these positions to the general public.

“We will be looking to the Nashville community to help us fill any and all roles that are still available after our Grand Rehiring Event,” said Weien. “We look forward to announcing those numbers and a date for hiring new staff in the coming weeks.”