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Elevate America

April 29, 2010

In cooperation with Microsoft Corporation, the State of Tennessee is pleased to offer vouchers for E-Learning courses and select certification exams at no cost to you. Get the IT skills, training and resources you need to compete for the jobs of today and tomorrow.  For more information Elevate America is now accessible on-line

From the Executive Director

April 26, 2010

Never before has the world of work changed so rapidly as in the last quarter century.  If this pace continues, the average skill set of an individual will be outdated quicker than ever before! In such a dynamic environment, the need to understand, influence, and even invest in the workforce is paramount to preserve the continued economic growth we have come to expect.  NCAC envisions growing our regional economy by being the workforce’s principal source for information-based career management and development resources.

We focus on the individual needs of workers while working to understand the immediate and future needs of employers.  We invest in today’s economy by providing career management tools and workforce information. Our results are measured by the advancement of individuals and employers who use the Workforce Campus as a resource for their workforce solutions.  No two individuals or businesses have the same need, but by understanding each, we can design a network of resources that are easily accessed, uniquely designed and efficient.

In order to provide a skilled workforce that supports business and economic growth in the Region, NCAC seeks to serve our customers in the most efficient manner possible.  

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